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The New York State Horse Council is strongly committed to supporting and upholding the concepts of humane and ethical treatment of animals. The NYSHC Humane Committee supports the work of legitimate Animal Welfare groups who are concerned with the protection and well being of equine animals. However, we do not support, approve or align our organization with those that are animal rights extremists.
The American Horse Council promotes a concept, which allows the horse to perform within its capacity, under humane conditions, as determined by experienced, knowledgeable horse persons. We as an industry embrace the Animal Welfare philosophy. The New York State Horse Council recognizes that in the wild, the horse lives a difficult life. Left on it's own, the life expectancy of a horse is quite low as a result of lack of food and medicine. As a domesticated animal, the horse is to be assured food, water, shelter and medicine to ward off disease and parasites, as well as humane treatment to allow the animal to live a productive life.
The New York State Horse Council works to provide horse owners with information regarding the safe and humane upkeep of domesticated horses through it's continuing education programs. Many equine owners look to horse auctions or licensed livestock dealers as an easy way to sell their animal (s). Often these sales end with the equine destined to travel hundreds of miles in crowded trailers (oft times in double deckers; outlawed in New York State) with little to no food or water. Many of these trailers do not meet the sanitation requirements outlined on state agriculture domestic animal hauler and dealer licenses.
The public needs to be educated to the many alternatives offered to them to decrease inhumane treatment of these equines and increase responsible equine ownership. The horse market has seen an influx of inferior quality horses; lame horses and horses lacking the required medical documentation.
At this time, options do exist to conscientious horse owners that wish to sell or donate their horses. Throughout New York State, and the surrounding tri-state region, horse owners can call upon horse rescue organizations, local SPCA's, equine sanctuaries and rendering facilities. For the horse owners who have severely lame or debilitated horses, euthanasia must be mandated.
 If you have additional questions, please contact the Committee Chair:
Colleen Segarra:
Phone: (845) 744-1728
Below is more detailed information on NYSHC positions on specific areas related to Humane treatment, as well as other relevant topics.  Click on any of the following links to read more:

The unfortunate reality is that, from time to time, the NYSHC Humane Committee is called into action to intervene or make recommendations on a situation. In such instances we create full reports and adopt various case studies for training and improvement. CLICK HERE for an example of a 2009 Case Study: Good Will Hunting.
While the NYSHC does not have or maintain our own bespoke adoption program, we are always happy to recommend good programs for horse owners who have been hit by hard times and need assistance. One such program is: 

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