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The NYS Horse Council invites you to participate in the Ride - Drive Program. All ages are welcome. If you ride or drive your horse please consider joining in and having some fun.Every hour you spend riding or driving your horse counts, whether you are on trails, in show rings, going down the road, in a parade, or in your own back yard.

You must be a NYSHC member to join (dues paid for that current year). Then just sign up and pay an initial start fee of $15 ($5 every year after to continue participating), obtain an official NYSHC log sheet and start filling in the hours!

Application Form
Manual Log Sheet

The Program will run the calendar year. Fees must be paid in order to receive awards. You will receive a participation removable poly window sticker when you start. After you accumulate 25 hours you will receive a Ride/Drive Patch Award and as you add up those hours you will receive awards (hour bars) after 100, 200, 300, 500, 750,1000 hours and so on and just maybe you will see your name in the NYSHC Newsletter. There is no limit on how long it takes you to achieve each patch award. Hours will be counted on the Rider/Driver and carried over from year to year.

We also have End of Year Awards (dependent on sponsorship). Categories include: Most hours riding for the year, Most hours driven for the year, Vintage Rider/Driver (63+ years) with most hours, Youth Rider/Driver (under 19) with most hours, and Family combined hours award.

Start making plans to join in the Ride-Drive Program and rack up those hours. A great place to be racking up those hours is at one of the NYSHC Sponsored rides or events.

For more details, or if you would like to sponsor an AWARD, please contact: JoAnne Frechette
Tel: 607-692-2209


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