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Size & Impact of New York's Horse Industry

For many years the economic impact of New York's equestrian industries was not fully understood.

American Horse Council Foundation's  2017 National Economic Impact Study

Historical Data:
In 1995, the American Horse Council performed a comprehensive study enlightening the industry that the horse industry was a $40 billion national economic impact.

Previously it was believed that racing was the largest portion of the horse industry nationally and in the state. This study and subsequent studies by New York State Agriculture and Markets solidified the fact that the recreational horse industry was becoming the leader. The New York State equine industry is the second largest agriculture commodity after dairy. We facilitate grass roots efforts to educate our New York State Legislators regarding the tremendous economic impact provided by the horse industry. These Include:

The New York horse industry produces goods and services valued at $2.4 Billion annually.

The national industry has a $4.8 Billion impact on the New York economy.

Value of land, fences, and buildings accounted for $3.71 billion.

Equine owners and operators spent a total of about $523 million for operating expenses and expenditures for capital items totaling $181 million

258,100 New Yorkers are involved in the industry as Owners, Service Providers, Employees, Volunteers and Spectators.

The Industry provides 35,773 FTE jobs in New York.

Over 200,000 horses reside in New York and 70% are involved in showing and recreation with a value of over $2 billion dollars.

New York is the home of 9 Racetracks with long seasons and numerous OTB facilities.

Six of the 40 National Horse Shows of 1996 were held in New York.

The median income of the average horse owner is $36K to 60K per year.

The leading use of equines is for pleasure. Equine used for breeding was second followed closely by equine used for competition of sport (excludes racing)

$10,000.00 is the average cost of a horse.
-New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and Office of Parks and Recreation provide some of the best equine trail systems in the nation.

Further detailed information statewide and by specific county can be viewed on the New York State Agriculture and Markets website.

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