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2023 Erica Raab Inspirational Award Nominee – Nancy Eddings.
I would like to nominate Nancy Eddings for the 2023 Erica Raab Award. Nancy is an amazing person who meets all of the criteria. Nancy has been attending the NYSHC Fall Pleasure Ride since 1997. She learned her first year riding with Erica was truly an adventure! Nancy found that riding the distance on a quarter horse is truly the fastest horse for a 1/4 mile!
For many of the years, Nancy along with riding, volunteered at the Fall Ride. Although she no longer rides, Nancy continues to remain a dedicated volunteer. She is always willing to assist whenever needed, plays an occasional joke or assessing an injury at the ride.
Nancy is truly a special friend. She has dedicated her career as a registered nurse, always willing to give a helping hand. She is a special person in my life and I know she has inspired us with her energy, passion for life and love for horses. Sincerely, Carrie Brosnan

Our friend, Erica Raab, passed away in 2009 knowing she had a great ride.

Our friend, Erica Raab, passed away in 2009 knowing she had a great ride. Erica was a vibrant horsewoman with an incredible zest for life and was a fixture at our NYSHC Annual Fall Pleasure Ride. In Erica's honor, the NYSHC presents an annual award to recognize a trail rider or volunteer, who attends the NYSHC Fall Pleasure Ride and demonstrates dedication, motivation, leadership, perseverance, altruism with an inspiration to others. The recipient will receive a beautiful engraved piece designed by Judith Goldthwait- Equine Art & Pet Portraits, at the NYSHC 54th 2023 Annual Fall Pleasure Ride, followed by Sunday evening dinner. 
Recipients of The Erica Raab Inspirational Award
2023 - Nancy Eddings
2022 - Paula Chiazza
2021 & 2020 - None
2019 - Patti Buttino
2018 - Carrie Brosnan
2017 - Karen Wheeler
2016 - Kris Allen
2015 - Barbara Cunningham
2014 - Mark and Rose Wehnau
2013 - Barbara Robertson
2012 - Carolyn Moore
2011 - Paula Dennis, Charylie Dines, Joeleen Dines
2010 - Kim Kershaw
2009 - Barbara Rau

2022 Erica Raab Inspirational Award- Nancy Eddings announced and read an excert from the nomination as follows: "Just as Erica Raab was a "Fixture" at the NYSCH Fall Pleasure Ride, the person who I am nominationg for the 2022 Erica Raab Award also has been a 'fixture" at the NYSHC's Fall Pleasure Ride for many decades. In 1989, along with her horse, (she) experienced her first NYSHC Fall Pleasure Ride at Brookfield and was hooked! She has both riden and volunteered at the NYSHC's Annual Fall Pleasure Ride in any capacity that we needed. I feel that Erica Raab herself would be proud to have this special horsewoman and volunteer be the recipient. As we come together to honor a special person who has and continues to exemplify Erica Raab's dedication, motivation, leadership, perseverance and altruism, I nominate the organizer and manager of this year's Annual Fall Pleasure Ride, Paula Chiazza."    **  "I was pleasantly surprised to receive the Erica Raab Award and thank the NYSHC for this honor. Thank you kindly." - Paula Chiazza

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