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New York State Horse Council Insurance Program

These policies were designed for the activities of the New York State Horse Council and its affiliated chapters. However, if you are planning an event which is sponsored by the NYSHC or one of it's chapters, In some cases an additional premium may be required (participation of non-members or type of event which is not listed under the main policy) Please contact if you have any questions. It is also likely that you may need additional insured's to be added to the policy for certain events (for example a landowner). You will need to fill out a questionnaire for each event. Please be aware that minors and non-members must complete release forms for each event. The following pages outline the coverage's of the two policies: commercial general liability, and accidental/medical.

INSURED PERSON means any person who is a general/chapter member of the NYSHC.

COVERED ACTIVITIES: This policy covers each insured person during the policy period while he or she is participating in a New York State Horse Council sponsored activity while on the premises designated by and under the direct supervision of the policyholder.

General Liability: Equisure, Inc. Aurora Co 80014
Contact: 1-800-752-2472, Extension 305 (Patty) or Extension 308 (Lorrie)

Policy Limits:

General Aggregate $1,000,000
Each Occurrence $1,000,000
Personal Advertising Injury Aggregate $1,000,000
Products/Completed Operations Aggregate $1,000,000
Fire Damage $50,000
Property Damage Limit $100,000
Horse Limit $50,000
Medical Payment Limit $2,500

Medical Coverage: Hartford Insurance Contact: Bauer Crowley, Inc 845-353- 8500
Accidental Medical Expense for Members $50,000
Accidental Death for Members $10,000
Accidental Dismemberment for Members $10,000

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