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Membership Opportunities
(memberships are based on a calendar year)

Membership Options:

  • Individual with Insurance (one adult 18+) ...$60
  • Individual (No Insurance) (one adult 18+) ...$40
  • Family with Insurance (resident spouse and children under age 18) ... $80
  • Family (No Insurance) (resident spouse and children under age 18) ...$60
  • Lifetime with Insurance 1st year (one adult 18+) ...$550
  • Lifetime with Insurance - subsequent year renewal (one adult 18+) ...$25
  • Youth (No Insurance) (Not associated w/Family Membership. (up to age 25 yrs) ...$15
  • Business/Farm/Organization/Club without Insurance ...$80

What do I do to Join a Chapter? About Chapters

* Insurance starts on the 1st of the month after payment is received and confirmed.
* NEW membership applications received during Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec will be good for the remainder of that current year as well as Jan through Dec of the following year BUT insurance coverage will NOT take effect until Jan of the following year. Should you need insurance coverage to begin in Oct, Nov or Dec of the current year of application for membership, you MUST notify the membership chair by email: and said membership will expire at the end of the current year of application for membership.

Membership Process Points:
1. When Paying Online, you receive a paypal email receipt shortly after payment is made.
2. Memberships are processed monthly or sooner, after which members are able to retrieve login for member area. Online payments receive a Membership Letter when processed.
3. Reports for Insurance are processed & submitted monthly by the 15th.
4. A Membership Cards are available via member area
5. Snail mail membership forms and payments are inherently much slower, but are accommodated.

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