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Award Nominations

Every year the NYSHC recognize those in the New York State horse community and equestrian industry who have distinguished themselves as passionate, informed leaders. The two award categories are:
Lifetime Achievement Award
Horseperson of the Year Award

The NYSHC Horseperson of the Year Award is an annual award of the New York State Horse Council to a deserving person who served the equine community at the highest level. The recipient’s actions throughout the year will have demonstrated awareness and interest in the horse Industry as well as, served to improve the care, use, or treatment of our animals. The recipient must fulfil at least one of the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated positive attitude, team effort, communication and willingness to share.
  • Was an active participant in the industry, showed initiative and supported others.
  • Increased awareness, generated interest, and raised the visibility of the horse industry through educational programs and/or related events.
  • Successfully worked to pass or advance legislation that was beneficial and significant to the horse industry in New York.
  • Worked to develop programs through state government or state agencies to promote and represent the interests of all horse people in New York.
  • Worked to improve or increase trails available to the equine community in New York.

The NYSHC Lifetime Achievement Award is an annual award of the New York State Horse Council to a deserving person for their years of dedication, leadership, contribution and remarkable achievements for the good of the entire New York horse industry. The Board of Directors, at a duly organized meeting and by a two-thirds vote of the members, may bestow the title of Lifetime Recognition Member on any individual whose service and devotion in support of the Council are deemed sufficient to warrant meritorious recognition. Lifetime Recognition Members shall be exempt from payment of dues, and shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of regular membership, including the right to vote and/or hold office.

Nominations will be reviewed by NYSHC Board of Directors and the results will be announced at the NYSHC Annual General Meeting.

Please send via postal mail or email:
Stephen Ropel
7650 Hiawatha Lake Rd.
Glenfield, NY 13343

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Description: Please provide a brief description of the nominee’s qualities or actions and/or your reason for the nomination. Where possible, provide examples to support the statement. The nominees need not be a current member of the NYSHC.

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