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Regulations and Legislation - Equine Inherent Risk

Equine Inherent Risk  2017

Press Release from President Steve Ropel March 1, 2017 - A letter explaining the status of and what action needs to take place regarding Equine Inherent Risk Legislation in NYS.
NYS Trial Lawyers Association Memorandum in Opposition January 17, 2017 - A letter in opposition to passage of Inherent Risk Legislation for Agriculture Tourism

Our letters and phone calls last year worked as we have additional co-sponsors of this legislation in both the Assembly and Senate this year. We need to keep the momentum going!

Bill number A559, sponsored by Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner of Saratoga Springs (member of Agriculture, Racing, Small Business and Parks, Tourism and Sports Development Committees) and 14 co-sponsors.

Bill number S1152, sponsored by Senator Ortt and 3 co-sponsors.

We, as horse owners, aficionados, etc MUST take action if we are to ever see this legislation passed! We CAN do this IF we work together to form a united front from  across the state! A large part of our problem is that we have never been unified into one large group. We have been small groups, "splintered" around the state, which is easy for legislators to ignore. New York State Horse Council working alongside New York State Farm Bureau is trying to unite Equine Enthusiasts across the whole Empire State to get this legistlation to pass in 2017. 

We need your help:
Call, email and snail mail your assembly person and senator, urging them to support this bill - even if you did so last year! If the above is your Assemblyman or Senator, show you support them by thanking them for sponsoring the bill. That support will go a long way toward motivating them to really push it. 

You may find your assembly person/contact info here (right hand side of page): and state senator/ contact info here (middle of page): 

Future actions: 
1) Writing letters to the editor of your local papers, horse magazines, etc to increase public awareness and reach other horse owners.

2) Get involved with the NYS Horse Council and /or your local Horse Council chapter if there is one:  and the NY Farm Bureau:   This will help keep us all "unified". BOTH organizations are working hard to push this legislation!

3) Contacting members of the Judiciary Committees. We will need a concerted effort "from the masses" to put pressure on them. They won't like hearing from people outside their district but THAT IS THEIR JOB as committee members! 

4) Contacting Governor Cuomo's office to garner his support via his "increasing small businesses initiative". The equine industry is the epitome of "small businesses" and it provides hundreds of thousands of jobs in this state as well as supporting numerous other small businesses.

Thank you in advance for helping to see Equine Inherent Risk Legislation pass in 2017!

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