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Regulations & Legislation - Equine Inherent Risk 2016

Equine Inherent Risk  2016

Legislative Update on Equine Inherent Risk February 6, 2016

Our letters and phone calls last year worked as we have additional co-sponsors of this legislation in both the Assembly and Senate this year. We need to keep the momentum going!

Bill number A01476, again sponsored by Assemblyman Bill Magee (Chair of the Agriculture Committee). Introduced in the Assembly on Wednesday, January 6, 2016 and was referred to the Assembly Judiciary Committee on January 12, 2016. It has been co-sponsored by Assemblywoman Addie Russell of Watertown, Assemblyman Brian Curran of Lynbrook (a member of the committee on Insurance), Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney, Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner of Saratoga Springs (member of Agriculture, Racing, Small Business and Parks, Tourism and Sports Development Committees), Assemblyman Dean Murray of Medford (LI) (member of Small Business and Parks, Tourism and Sports development Committees), Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo of Binghamton (member of Economic Development Committee), William Barclay of Fulton (a member of the Insurance and Judiciary Committees) and Assemblyman Marc Butler of Herkimer (who is a member of the Insurance, Economic Development and Agriculture Committees).

Bill number S01823, again sponsored by Senator Patty Ritchie of Watertown (Chair of Senate Agriculture Committee). Introduced in the Senate on Wednesday, Jauary 6, 2016 and was referred to the Assembly Judiciary Committee on January 15, 2016. It has been co-sponsored by Senator James Seward of Herkimer, Cortland  & Oneonta (who is Chair of the Insurance Committee and member of the Agriculture Committee), Senator Joesph Griffo of Utica (member of Commerce, Economic development and Small Business; Racing; and Cultural Affairs, Tourism and Recreation Committees), Senator Thomas O'Mara of the Southern Tier (member of Agriculture, Insurance and Judiciary Committees) and Senator Dave Valesky of Development/Small Business Committees).

The above is a repeat scenario of EVERY legislative session from the last 17+ years! We, as horse owners, aficionados, etc MUST take action if we are to ever see this legislation passed! We CAN do this IF we work together to form a united front from  across the state! A large part of our problem is that we have never been unified into one large group. We have been small groups, "splintered" around the state, which is easy for legislators to ignore.

We DID make some headway with our group efforts last year as , for the first time, we have ADDED 5 co-sponsors in the Assembly and 2 in the Senate. In addition, for the FIRST TIME we have a sponsor in each house who is a member of the Judiciary Committee. We must keep the pressure on as more can sign on as co-sponsors! The more co-sponsors, the greater the pressure.

Each step will only take a few minutes of your time.

An email group has been started through yahoo to share information & ideas. To join, go to: You have many options through yahoo- individual emails, a daily digest of posts, "no mail" (view post from the web only), and special notices only. There is a files section where you may view, download and/or print files. 

We also have a facebook page:  which is over 1000 members strong.

Step One: Call, email and snail mail your assembly person and senator, urging them to support this bill - even if you did so last year! If the above is your Assemblyman or Senator, show you support them by thanking them for sponsoring the bill. That support will go a long way toward motivating them to really push it. 

You may find your assembly person/contact info here (right hand side of page): and state senator/ contact info here (left hand side of page): 

Step Two: Petitions. We have a petition on our Facebook page that you may print out. It is set up for double sided printing. If you are unable to print double sided, print out page one ONLY so it is clear what people have signed. Have family, friends, co-workers and neighbors sign. They do not need to be horse owners; they just need to support this legislation. Mail petitions to : Karen Nowak PO Box 260, Brookfield, NY 13314. Petitions will be hand deliverd to Albany this spring. We have 605 signatures so far. We need THOUSANDS MORE for this to be effective.

Step Three: Take the short Equine Liability Insurance Survey to help us collect data to present to legislators: 

Future actions: 
1) Writing letters to the editor of your local papers, horse magazines, etc to increase public awareness and reach other horse owners.

2) Get involved with the NYS Horse Council and /or your local Horse Council chapter if there is one:  and the NY Farm Bureau: This will help keep us all "unified". BOTH organizations are working hard to push this legislation!

3) Contacting members of the Judiciary Committees. We will need a concerted effort "from the masses" to put pressure on them. They won't like hearing from people outside their district but THAT IS THEIR JOB as committee members! You may find the members of the Assembly Judiciary Committee here: and the Senate Judiciary Committee here: 

4) Contacting Governor Cuomo's office to garner his support via his "increasing small businesses initiative". The equine industry is the epitome of "small businesses" and it provides hundreds of thousands of jobs in this state as well as supporting numerous other small businesses.

Stay tuned for future updates! Remember - TOGETHER WE CAN DO THIS!!! 

For more information contact:

Karen Nowak, , 315-520-9204
Jeannette Dietrich, , 518-526-0718

Read a letter stating NYSHC's support of passing Inherent Risk Legislation by clicking the link below:>>

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