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Awards and Recognition

Every year the New York State Horse Council honors those in the New York State horse community and equestrian industry who have distinguished themselves as passionate, informed leaders. 

We have two award categories: (1) Linda Connors Life Time Achievement Award & Appreciation of Service (2) Horse Person of the Year Award

2017 Nominations are now being accepted.  Please click on the nomination applications below

NYSHC President, Stephen Ropel presenting the 2016 Life Time Achievement Award to Jo-Anne Young at the Annual General Meeting. 

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2016 Recipients:

Life Time Achievement Award - Jo-Anne Young

We are pleased to announce Jo-Anne Young for the NYSHC Lifetime Achievement Award. From August 1986 to present, Ms. Young has been the Director of the Houghton College Equestrian Program. In addition to developing an excellent college program in equine studies in multiple disciplines she has attracted high level clinicians to the Southern Tier of New York State, judged horse shows in various equine disciplines, and inspected sites applying for Certified Horsemanship Association accreditation.

In addition to her service with the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) Jo-Anne has served on the Allegany County Cornell Cooperative Extension 4-H Advisory Council, led 4-H horse clubs, coached 4-H club members to State championships. Ms. Young currently serves as president of the Board of Directors of the Western New York Dressage Association and has promoted quality and classical dressage training in this region. Most importantly, Jo-Anne has been an instructor, guide, mentor and friend to many students, young and more "long in the tooth". She has supervised riding lessons for disadvantaged, at-risk and disabled students at Houghton College Equestrian Center by CHA-Instructor of Riders with Disabilities certified Instructors.

 2016 Horse Person of the Year Award - Lori Northrup 
(Unable to attend the 2016 Annual General Meeting) 

We are pleased to announce Lori Northrup for the 2016 NYSHC Horse Person of the Year Award.  Lori is a NYSHC member and Ellicottville, NY resident. Lori Northrup is an extraordinary individual. Not only is she an amazing horseman! She trail rides every day, hosts a local trail event each year, and raises and trains her own horses, which include gaited Tenesee Walkers, Gaited Mules, A Z-donk, and a Zebra. Every day she strives to better the world for horses out of the goodness of her heart! New York is so lucky to have Lori! Lori founded FOSH (Friends of Sound Horses) A not for profit movement to help bring awareness and help people understand what Tennessee Walker show horses endure. She also runs and created the Parelli Foundation, A Not for profit The Parelli Foundation gives scholarships to the youth, horse welfare, therapeutic horsemanship, and Horse Scholarships. Lori is pillar in every aspect of the horse industry!

1990 John E. Lowe, D.V.M.
1991 Joseph Vanorio
1992 Robert Nichols, D.V.M.
1993 Drusilla Malavase
1994 Sen. Joseph Holland
1995 Betsy Jensen
1996 Donald and Margaret Fox
1997 Daryel Jensen
1998 Diane Jones
1999 Susan Knauer
2000 Marguerite Illing
2001 George King
2002 Debbie Morano
2003 The Brookfield Pleasure Trail Ride Group: Susan & Jim Knauer, Carolyn Moore, Paula Leonard
2004 Anne Filley
2005 Dr. Terry H. Martin Cattaraugus County Planning Director
2006 Donna Phillipone
2007 Sara Chevako
2008 Leah Leising
2009 Colleen Segarra
2010 Shannon Budnik
2011 Mary Szarek
2012 Sharon & Gary Slate
2013 Alison Clarke
2014 Alison Clarke
2015 Veronica Weber & Ainsley Smith
2016 Lori Northrup 

1977 Senator Edwyn A. Mason
1978 Richard Crissey DVM
1990 Janet MacCallum, John Baruc, Mary Lou Olszewski
1992 Liz Bartholomew, For dedication to educational legislative efforts in Albany

Past Recipients of the "Linda Connors Lifetime Achievement Award":
1994 Glen Bacon, For decades of work on the Brookfield Trail System and the NYSHC
1996 John Baruc and Bob Geitter
1997 Janet Mac Callum, For dedication to the Pleasure Driving Class at NY State Fair
Nancy Hart, For dedication to the Competitive Trail Clinic and the NY 100
1998 Naomi Blumenthal, NY State Fair Horse Show Manager
1999 Don Fox, for dedication to the Brookfield NYSHC trail events and the NYSHC
2000 Joe Heath, for dedication to managing the annual NYSHC Fall Pleasure Trail Ride
2001 Dru Malavase for decades of dedication to helmet safety and the helmet legislation
2002 Daryel Jensen, For decades of dedication to the NYSHC and NY trail systems
2003 Diane Jones, for efforts to energize the NYSHC and acquiring grants for NY state equine efforts.
2004 Marguerite Illing, For decades of dedication to the NYSHC, fudiciary treasury procedures, MHM point record management and NYSHC Newsletter editor.
2005 Mary Ann Byers, For decades of dedication to the NYSHC
2006 Jinni Mazza, For decades of dedication to the Therapeutic Riding Program at the local, state and national level.
2007 Betsey Jensen, For decades of dedication to the NYSHC and NY trail systems
2008 Linda Connors, For decades of dedication to the NYSHC and to the Horse and especially the Quarter Horse Industry in the state.
2009 Robert "Bob" Pfohl, For decades of dedication to the Trails and Horse Industry in the state.
2010 Cherryl Mitchell
2011 Carol Schmelz
2012 George King (President Emeritus)
2013 Jim & Leah Leising
2014 Sara Chevako
2015 Marsha Himler
2016 Jo-Anne Young

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