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Membership Benefits Letter

Online Membership Form

1st Step #1. Complete the Online Form
Please complete all fields that apply to your Membership ... be sure to include Method of Payment.  Confirm your information before selecting Submit. Enter security code and Submit. Once submitted you will receive a prompt "Your form has been submitted successfully"!

2nd Step #2. Complete the Online Payment 
Under Membership / Renewal / Donation, click the down arrow, select your membership type, click off the box and your entry will be displayed.  
Click Amount box, enter $ amount.  Click Pay Now box. 

Printable PDF Membership Form
Please fill out the form, print (be sure to make a copy for your records), make check payable to NYSHC, send the 2018 Membership Form along with Check via postal Mail to Paula Pratt, NYSHC Membership Chair, 3555 Stetson Road, Bloomfield, NY 14469. 

If you have any questions, please contact Paula Pratt, NYSHC Membership Chair, E-mail:, Phone: (585) 657-4550.  

EQUISURE $1,000,000.00 EXCESS PERSONAL LIABILITY INSURANCE * Coverage DescriptionAll Excess Personal Liability policies become effective per list below for the the Calendar Year.  

All 2018 Membership Application and Payment (Insurance or Non-Insurance) must be received via Online or Postal Mail by receipt date:
12/8/17 to become effective 1/1/2018 w/12 Months Coverage
01/5/18 to become effective 2/1/2018 w/11 Months Coverage
02/2/18 to become effective 3/1/2018 w/10 Months Coverage
03/2/18 to become effective 4/1/2018 w/9 Months Coverage
04/6/18 to become effective 5/1/2018 w/8 Months Coverage
05/4/18 to become effective 6/1/2018 w/7 Months Coverage
06/1/18 to become effective 7/1/2018 w/6 Months Coverage
07/6/18 to become effective 8/1/2018 w/5 Months Coverage
08/3/18 to become effective 9/1/2018 w/4 Months Coverage
09/7/18 to become effective 10/01/2018 w/3 Months Coverage
10/5/18 to become effective 11/01/2018 w/2 Months Coverage
11/2/18 to become effective 12/1/2018 w/1 Month Coverage
At end of November 2018, the 2019 NYSHC Membership Online & Form will be  announced and become available.  Submisson deadline 12/7/2018 to become effective 01/1/2019 and so on. (Exception unless NYSHC or Chapter Promotion is offered)
You should receive your Membership Confirmation (Insurance or Non-Insurance) Letter w/Membership Card, Benefits Letter, Insurance Certificate Documentation (if applicable) via POSTAL MAIL by mid-month.

Questions regarding NYSHC Equisure Insurance? Please contact Missy Whittington at (716) 655-2045 or e-mail, or you may contact Paula Pratt, NYSHC Membership Chair.  Thank you.

NYSHC affiliated CHAPTERS 
Cattchau Chapter: Cattaraugus/Chautauqua Counties located in Western Region
Orange County Chapter: Orange County located in Mid-Hudson Region
Putnam County ChapterPutnam County located in Mid Hudson Region
Sullivan County ChapterSullivan County located in Mid-Hudson Region
Ulster County ChapterUlster County located in Mid-Hudson Region
Westchester County ChapterWestchester County located in Mid-Hudson Region
Western ChapterErie & Niagara Counties located in Western Region
Regions:  1. Southeast (New York City, Long Island)  2. Mid-Hudson  3. Capital  4. Northern  5. Central  6. Southern Tier  7. Fingerlakes  8. Western

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