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Did you know that joining or renewing New York State Horse Council (NYSHC) membership supports our mission to create a strong unified voice for all interests toward the preservation of a future for all equines in New York State?  We represent all breeds and disciplines working tirelessly throughout the year to support owners, riders, drivers and the well-being of our equines.

As a member of the NYSHC you are entitled to the following benefits:
•        Attendance to New York State Horse Council Meetings
•        A voice in Albany and updates on legislation which effects the equine industry
•        Quarterly Newsletter full of equine related information and upcoming events
•        Subscription to MANE STREAM and NEW YORK HORSE magazines
•        Certificate of Equisure’s Excess Personal Liability $1,000,000.00 Insurance w/specified membership
•        Eligibility to participate in the NYSHC Ride and Drive program
•        Eligibility for $1,000.00 NYSHC Youth Member Scholarship towards attending a collegiate horse related program or a professional certification program (Parelli, John Lyons, farrier, etc.)
•        Discounts at NYSHC sponsored clinics and events
•        Discounts at Nationwide businesses and services
•        NYSHC Membership Card

2017 NYSHC Memberships are now being processed. Please allow 4-6 weeks delivery for your Membership Confirmation(s) via postal mail. Delivery will be based on the month submitted i.e. (Sept 13th* thru Dec. 31st) (Jan 1st-31st) (Feb 1st-28th) and so on.  *Special offers @events

Click here for > Online 2017 Membership  
Once you've completed the online Membership Form, print a copy for your records, submit the form by clicking the SUBMIT button.  Once you submitted the online Membership Form, choose either Pay Pal or Check. If you chose Check, be sure to make check payable to New York State Horse Council and send via postal mail along (reference 2017 Membership) w/ check to Paula Pratt, NYSHC Membership Chair, 3555 Stetson Road, Bloomfield, NY 14469

Do you still prefer to join or renew the Membership Form the "old fashioned" way? Click here for > PDF MEMBERSHIP FORM 
Print the Membership Form, complete all fields & print clearly, print the Membership Form and one for your records, write a check payable to New York State Horse Council, postal Mail to Paula Pratt, NYSHC Membership Chair, 3555 Stetson Road, Bloomfield, NY 14469.  

NYS HORSE COUNCIL CHAPTERS ...visit sites for more details and chapter news

Cattchau Chapter: Cattaraugus/Chautauqua County Chapter located in the Western Region.
Orange County Chapter: Orange County and located in Mid Hudson Region.

Putnam County Chapter: Putnam County and located in Mid Hudson Region.

Sullivan County Chapter: Sullivan County (NOT ULSTER COUNTY) and located in Mid Hudson Region.
Ulster County Chapter: Ulster County and located in Mid Hudson Region.

Westchester County Chapter: Westchester County and located in Mid Hudson Region.

Western Chapter: Erie and Niagara Counties and located in the Western Region.

Regions 1. Southeast (New York City, Long Island) 2. Mid-Hudson 3. Capital 4. Northern 5. Central 6. Southern Tier 7. Fingerlakes 8. Western

DOWNLOAD our informative brochure for more details and benefits, including insurance. 
Your membership with the NYSHC entitles you to special savings that the American Horse Council has negotiated for products used for your equine farm, business or personal use.

One of the Membership Benefit includes Equisure $1,000,000.00 Excess Equine Personal Liability Insurance through Association Resource Group and we offer three choices of Membership that include this insurance.
(1)  Individual with Insurance  $55.00
(2)  Family Membership with Insurance @$75.00 (Two adults and children up to 18)
(3)  Lifetime with Insurance $500.00 (individual only) 1st year & subsequent years $20.00 renewal to retain the insurance

Equisure Insurance 
All Excess Personal Liability policies become effective during Calendar Year from the date rec'd by date/payment processed/sufficient funds.  

Dec 1st thru Dec 31st (becomes effective January 01, 2017 (rec'd on/or before 1/7/17)* 12 Months Coverage
Jan 1st thru Jan 31st becomes effective February 01, 2017 (rec'd on/or before 2/4/17)* 11 Months Coverage
Feb 1st thru Feb 28th effective March 01, 2017 (rec'd on/or before 3/4/17)* 10 Months Coverage
* Rec'd by date/payment processed/sufficient funds

If you have questions about the NYSHC insurance through Equisure/Association Resource Group, please contact Missy Whittington at (716) 655-2045 or e-mail @

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