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The Erica Raab Inspirational Award

Our friend, Erica Raab, passed away in 2009 knowing she had a great ride.

A vibrant horsewoman with an incredible zest for life, Erica was a fixture at our NYSHC Annual Fall Pleasure Ride located in Brookfield, NY.  In Erica's honor, the NYSHC presents an annual award to recognize horse and/or trail enthusiasts who demonstrate dedication, motivation, leadership, perseverance, altruism and inspires others.  The recipient receives the traveling Erica Raab Inspirational Perpetual Trophy as well as a personal memento to remain in their possession.  The beautiful glass pieces are hand painted by Equestrian Artist, Donna Raines from Springfield, Massachusetts.

Recipients of the Erica Raab Award
2009 - Barbara Rau
2010 - Kim Kershaw
2011 - Paula Dennis, Charylie Dine, Joeleen Dines
(Mother, Daughter, Granddaughter)
2012 - Carolyn Moore
2013 - Barbara Robertson
2014 - Mark and Rose Wehnau
2015 Barbara Cunningham
2016 -  Kris Allen 
2017 -  Karen Wheeler 

2018 -  Carrie Brosnan

Please visit News/Events, Fall Pleasure Ride for more information about the NYSHC Fall Pleasure Ride and the Erica Raab Inspirational Award.  

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