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2017 NYSHC Scholarship Winner

The Scholarship Committee is happy to announce that the 2017 New York State Horse Council Scholarship winner is Jenniffer Longwell from Bainbridge, NY.
Jenniffer states in her application that "My reason for furthering my education is to better my ability to help horses by resolving painful issues in their mouths. I also strive to educate owners, handlers and young equestrians about horsemanship and dentistry...(and) also to inspire future generations of horsemen and women to do the same".

About the NYSHC Scholarship:
The New York State Horse Council (NYSHC) awards a one thousand ($1,000.00) scholarship per-year to a NYSHC member who is attending a collegiate horse related program or a professional certification program (Parelli, John Lyons, farrier, etc.).
Applications are due September 1st of the current year. They will be evaluated by the Scholarship Committee and the recipient will be notified by October 1st of the same year. 
To apply, simply ... DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION. 
****Again, all applications must be a NYSHC member (Individual/Family/Youth membership)
and scholarship applications must be received by September 1, 2018.****

Please e-mail your completed application to:

Questions?  Please contact Debbie Schiraldi
phone: (845)781-3420

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